The non-profit-making partnership Coryphée was set up in Brussels in April 1999. Its purpose is to promote any action aiming at making a cultural or artistic field known, and at developing its expression. This includes research, study, information, as well as the spreading, teaching and highlighting of any element that could contribute to the artistic creation process and the spreading of culture.

In concrete terms, Coryphée has focused its activities during the last years on West-African (Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso) percussion and dance. They spread out through various projects including dance and percussion courses, support provided to traditional music bands and the involvement in setting up original works that combine a.o. contemporary dance, circus and street arts.

This vision - original and respecful of traditions at once- of West-African artistic culture has turned Coryphée into a unique association that contributes, in collaboration with various partners, towards the enrichment of Belgium's, and particularly Brussels' artistic and cultural landscape.